Sixton London

Sixton produce only 500 pieces of each garment so there's something a little more special about the clothing from Sixton London. They don't do mass production and work with smaller manufacturers who share our ethos - in this case, less is more - they want to create less garments with great quality and beautiful styling. 

The designs are conceived in their studio on the Stockwell side of Brixton (Sixton). They take vintage influence from fashion and interiors pieces from the '40's through to the '70's, to create small, concise seasonal collections. You'll see style accents from around the world as we travel throughout Europe and the USA to source our vintage inspiration. It might be a colour palette from '50's ceramic ware or the fabric from a '40's handmade dress that kick starts the creative design process.

Tactile textures. Colours that suit you. Prints inspired by patterns and scenes from their travels. Timeless design over fashion fads. Function and purpose in the form of pockets and versatile basics, to useful bags and storage. Denim. Spots. Stripes. Florals. They don't want to offer something everyone else has, instead they're offering something a little more unique, like me and you.

They don't have their own website, instead they support local independent  boutiques as they find we know our customers best!